An Invitation to a Discussion…


I am sending out this invitation to men, or men who you may know in your life, to join me for a free discussion about what it means to be a gentle or quiet man who does not fully identify with the dominant macho expectations. I’d love to have a discussion about being such a man in the world today - the challenges, the joy, where you shine and where you struggle.
​ All said in our discussion will be held in strict confidence.

If you think it would be interesting to talk about this topic with like-minded men, I invite you to join me in a guided conversation. I’ll make it easy to participate, and quiet is welcome too.


Monday, February 29th.

  • 11:00am (PST)/2:00pm (EST)
  • 4:00pm (PST)/7:00pm (EST)

Please indicate your preference. I will decide when to run the event based on the majority preferred time. If there is sufficient interest, I will consider running two discussions.

Why I am doing this?

I won’t be selling anything. I just want to explore this topic with others.

In many ways, this world is not supportive of men who do not fit into the dominant macho meme of today. I am offering this space on the assumption that there are other men out there with similar questions as to how we fit in and how our qualities are seen and accepted for what they are. This is not about changing who you are, but about honoring who you are. I imagine you know that your reflective nature, your love of the earth, or love of reading are valuable qualities. I believe that these qualities can help make this world a better place.

Let’s discuss how we can work with these qualities in the midst of a loud, macho, materialistic culture.

What will the discussion be like?

​This will be a meeting of like minded men coming together in the spirit of support, sharing and building community. I will share some questions with you as seeds for discussions.

The group will be limited to 6 people so as to allow everyone plenty of time to talk.

We’ll meet via an online video teleconference tool. I’ll provide easy instructions once you RSVP.

The meeting will last for 1.5 hours.

Who I am

Life has taken me on many journeys around the world.

Growing up in England, I was that reserved small kid in school that was easily picked on. I studied computer science at college and on graduating spent time as a computer programmer. Searching for answers in life I spent a few years traveling with a pack on my back. I subsequently lived in a Buddhist community, and Buddhist practice is still central to my life. I built an award winning ecological house and worked in the environmental field. I am on the Board of a Charitable Foundation based in my hometown in the UK, and most recently have been through the NWTA experience with the ManKind Project. I’ve lived in many places and currently reside in Hawaii.

Through all of these stages there have been searches as to how my nature fits into the world around me.

I’m currently a life coach with a strong interest in exploring what it means to be a gentle man in our society.

I’m excited to learn from other men like me about what interests them on these topics.

Ready to RSVP?

​Email me at info@crossingthethreshold.net to reserve your place as soon as possible.

RSVP deadline: Wednesday, February 24th.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

David Johnson.

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