I’ve, well, dithered around this for a while but have finally decided to subscribe to John Gruber’s & Ben Thompson’s Dithering podcast. Two podcasts a week, each no more than 15 minutes. I’ll try it for a month to see if I want to stay with it.

I was recently interviewed my Naomi Harrington for her That’s Deep Podcast. The subject of the interview was meditation. A very short clip from the podcast is below. Naomi is coach with the mission to, ”empower humans from the inside out, through inner and outer exploration. She can be found at …

I was hoping that there would be a way to bring one off interviews that I have as mp3 files into Apple Podcasts app. That way I could keep them together and know where to go when I want to listen to them…but it does not look as though it is possible. 😞

Are any Micro.blog podcasters not seeing their podcasts update on Apple Podcasts or not appear in searches on the platform? I have published a new episode of my Behind the Thoughts podcast, but the it is not showing up in Apple Podcasts, or third party apps. 🎙

I was recently interviewed by Andy Mort for Episode 331 of his Gentle Rebel Podcast on the subject of Meditation. You can listen to our chat at the link above, or watch us on YouTube. Thank you to Andy for the invitation to the podcast. 🎙

I posted Episode 49 (Widening our circle, taking tonglen further) of the Behind The Thoughts podcast today, but I think that it got lost during a Micro.blog hiccup, so re-announcing it here.

Since relaunching my podcast, Behind The Thoughts , I am pleased with myself for keeping up with posting weekly episodes. I have found a workflow that works. Occasionally time is a struggle, but I have managed so far. Today I posted my fifth episode, episode 45. 🎙

Sometimes recording a podcast comes easily. Other times it’s a struggle as I over think the process. My decision is to publish anyway. If I don’t, I fear that I will get lost in perfectionism and then nothing will get published! Learn from mistakes and experience. 🎙

I have just announced the relaunch of my meditation podcast, Behind The Thoughts. I’m happy to be podcasting on Micro.blog. 🎙

I’ll get there! When @jean interviewed me for Micro Monday back in May 2019, Jean asked me if I would host a Podcast. Today I was on the home stretch of resurrecting a Podcast that I last ran in 2017, but a Micro.blog hosting issue has delayed that. Fingers crossed soon 🤞🏻

I’m looking for a site that hosts audio files in the same way that YouTube and Vimeo host videos, but preferably without advertisements, and not specifically a podcast hoster.

I paid for a full subscription to Castro today. It has helped me get into more regular podcast listening, more than any other podcast app that I have tried. The workflow just works for me.

I’ve just added the archive of a podcast I ran on building a meditation practice, called “Behind The Thoughts”, to my website. It ran for 40 episodes. 🎙️

Layers of colours as spring touches the Japanese Gardens in Portland. While there today, I recorded Episode #6 of the Behind The Thoughts podcast. Link in the bio.

I have a new podcast is up. Called “Behind The Thoughts,” it is for those who would like to start meditating, have sat once or twice but find it hard to keep going, are wondering what meditation is all about, and are lacking a supportive community. Broadcasting two or three times a week, each …