Coaching with David - FAQs

I hope below to address some of the questions that might come to you if you are considering approaching me about coaching. If you still have a question, please reach out to me. Details for contacting me are here.

  • What is coaching? - Coaching is a process, a dialogue to help you uncover and build your strengths. Coaching helps you find clarity and confidence, even if self-limiting beliefs have convinced you otherwise. I move at your pace, step-by-step, helping you build a solid foundation on which to build your goals. As and when internal blocks manifest, I help you navigate around them, developing strategies to keep them at bay and not control and run your life.

  • What is your training and background? - I trained with the world renowned Co-Active Training Institute, completing in 2013 their Professional Coaching Training and their Certification Program (CPCC). Training as a coach was a culmination of the my life to date helping people find inspiration in their lived communities and inner selves. I have experience in running and working in a spiritual retreat center, running meditation classes, and running workshops to help communities envision the future they want to see in their neighbourhoods.

    My coaching is also informed by my own experience of transformation from a shy young person to a confident, introvert and highly sensitive man, who lives his life on his terms, respecting his needs and sharing his skills. I also have my challenges at times, selling myself short…I am only human after all. That is my learning edge.

  • Where does mindfulness fit into your coaching? - I have practiced meditation for 30 years through my following of Tibetan Buddhism. Meditation has two aspects, our formal meditation practice and post meditation practice, when we are out and about in our daily lives. Each feeds and grows the other. In your coaching, I offer the option to include a mindfulness practice. I find that it gives a foundation to the work that we do together. If you already have a meditation practice, we can build on that. If you have not meditated before, I can help you in building one.

  • Who is a good fit for your coaching? - I work with men and women who identify as introverts and/or highly sensitive. Those who know that they have something to offer, want to make a difference in their part of the world, know that they can get things done if only they could silence that inner critic.

    A special part of my practice for me is working with those who I term Gentle Men, those men who do not fit the archetypal image of a macho man, but at the same time know that who they are is real. They value who they are, but are struggling to find a place for themselves in our world. I consider myself a Gentle Man, and consider it a privilege to work alongside such men.

  • What kind of outcomes can I expect from coaching with you? - Some of the outcomes that result from working with me include, but are not limited to:

    • Standing in their confidence.
    • Overcoming shyness.
    • Embracing their introverted and/or highly sensitive gifts.
    • Overcoming stress.
    • Creating boundaries in their lives.
    • Find space in themselves to handle social and networking situations.
    • Leading from who they are, not who they feel ought to be.
  • Will you make me more extroverted? - No, and that is not my intention. I believe that there is a much healthier place and better way. That is to come from a place of acceptance of who we are. Once I start accepting that, then the changes start to manifest in what I am capable of doing. I might find myself more open to social gatherings all or (more likely) some of the time. My anxiety drops and my confidence builds. It is not about making you be something that you are not, but rather recognizing and growing who you really are.

  • Clients’ perspectives - Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some testimonials from people who I have worked with.