Now (or Recently)

This is a page of some highlights in my life Now,’ although Recently’ might feel like a better fit. Either way, this page is inspired by Derek Sivers, with a further nod to William Schuth.

2020 is here
Happy New Year. This has been a tiring holiday period for me. Busy socializing with family and visitors. I have appreciated the time spent with loved ones, but my quiet nature has been aching for more alone time. As the holidays slowly drift away, I am looking forward to getting back into a rhythm.

Coaching & Meditation
Part of that rhythm that I mentioned above is stepping back into my coaching practice after the holidays, and blogging. I have had some requests from people here on the island who are interested in learning about meditation, and so I am going to look into running some meditation classes.

Men’s Work
The first weekend of March I will be helping staff a NWTA here on Maui. I am looking forward to that as the community here on the island starts its preparation. If you are a man, and which to go through a weekend that will alter your experience of manhood in the support of other men, take a look at the link above for places around the world hosting the a NWTA.

I’m appreciating the cooler weather here on Maui. The days can still get up into the high 70’s, but mornings and evenings are cooler. Sometimes it is nice to be able to wear something other than a t-shirt and shorts. I think it is me missing living further north.

Updated: 1/3/2020