Now (or Recently)

This is a page of some highlights in my life Now,’ although Recently’ might feel like a better fit. Either way, this page is inspired by Derek Sivers, with a further nod to William Schuth.

Right now - Friday, March 27
(Or extroverts and introverts staying at home in a world of COVID-19)
It is wet and windy outside. More like a British winter. Today is Friday. Going into the weekend the weather forecast is more of the same. With Maui being on lockdown and me and my family not venturing out unless we have to, life is being met with varying degrees of acceptance and frustration. The introvert in me is happy with staying put, AND I am struggling when the extroverted side of my family who are happier with noise (literally, or asking of my attention a lot), louder music and ongoing distraction than me. No judgement (at least not all of the time!) in this, no good and bad, simply what these current times are bringing up for me.

The counter to that is the family can get frustrated by my silence or when I just disappear to some corner of the house!

Much has changed in the last week since I last updated this Now Page. Here are some of the developments that are effecting life here on Maui,

  • Hawaiian Airlines have cut back their inter island flights.
  • All parks are closed, beaches, local parks and the Haleakala National Park
  • Restaurants can only offer take outs.
  • Grocery stores are offering Kupuna hours for the senior citizens on the island.
  • Theaters and all shops, unless selling necessities, are closed.
  • Hotels are closing
  • All arrivals on the island, whether resident or visitors, must go into 14-day quarantine.
  • As reported last week, the road to Hana, both front and back routes, is closed in order to assure access for emergency and delivery vehicles. Locals have been helping with the enforcement of this to keep the vulnerable communities in the east of the island safe and isolated, while at the same time having access to deliveries and emergency vehicles.

Who knows how long this will carry on for, or what the long term effects will be? As I find myself saying and writing to people, We live in strange times.”

Coaching & Meditation
My coaching practice is still up and running. As I offer coaching by phone or video, that is not effected by the social distancing. So if you are interested in working with me, please do get in touch.

Following requests I was planning to set up a meditation class. However because of the virus, that is now on hold, though I am wondering what virtual possibilities there might be? Something for me to look into.

Men’s Work
My weekly men’s group is now meeting virtually. We are finding our way in structuring group video meetings, and so far it is going well. I appreciate that weekly connection and support. A few of us have carried this into daily checkins via text.

The Men’s Mentoring program that I am involved in in the local jail, MCCC, here on Maui has been suspended. The jail said that this would be for two weeks, but I suspect much longer. I had already chosen to step back two weeks before this suspension because of my families safety.

I think of the men in the jail. They do not have access to the choices that I do, and cannot go anywhere. I hope that they are well and safe, and I look forward to get back into the program when the virus passes and the jail opens up again. The State currently has an Effort Underway to ID Certain Inmates for Release Amid COVID-19 Concerns.

As I write this we are experiencing cold(ish), wet and windy weather which further limits our movements at this time. However, as I said last week with us having this type of weather, it is nice to have an excuse to wear something other than a t-shirt and shorts. I think it is me missing living more northern latitudes.”

The vegetable garden that my wife and I planted is starting to mature. I was out on slug patrol for a couple of nights, and removed a number of slugs and snails. We have still lost a few plants to hungry, nocturnal critters, but overall we have done well.

Updated: 3/27/2020