This is a page of what I am up to Now. Inspired by Derek Sivers.

Newsletter - I have just got my first Newsletter out for while, and my first using the service, Buttondown. If you would like to read the newsletter and/or subscribe to it, click on this link.

eBook - Putting my eBook, Meditation Tips for Introverts and Highly Sensitive People” up onto Gumroad, and working on the accompanying web page for this site.

Reading - I am not the fastest reader and I usually have a few books on the go at once. Currently they include the following:

Re-reading - Buddhism with an Attitude by B. All Wallace. A contemporary commentary to Geshe Chekawa’s Seven Points of Mind Training.

Outside - Making occasional forays out into the garden to trim the hedge, cut the grass, and keep our water loving Hapu’u wet when the weather runs dry.

Updated: 5/13/19

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