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This page is inspired by Derek Sivers.

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Outside has been wet. Two weeks ago we experienced a ‘weather event’ with 16+ inches of rain in 24 hours. Two houses were swept away as a river swelled. A nearby dam was breached and people were evacuated from their homes. A bridge was also swept away and roads damaged. Since that day rain has been the dominant weather feature, though thankfully not as heavy.


I have not been away from Maui since mid-July 2019, over 18 months. My hope is to get back to the UK before this year is over into order to visit my parents. I’ll see how the pandemic plays out on both side of the Atlantic (and Pacific).


Since I last updated my Now page, I have relaunched my meditation podcast, Behind The Thoughts. Looking to publish an episode every week, I am now at episode 51, building on the 40 that were there from the original recordings. You can find the podcast on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, wherever you listen to your podcasts, or at the podcast’s website -


Since the end of last year, Maui has slowly opened up to visitors again after 6 months+ of being closed down. Initially it felt like a shock to see the quiet island start to get busy again, but Maui, indeed the State needed it, being so dependent on tourism. Hawaii is still feeling its way. There has been a slight jump in COIVD cases here on Maui, not the numbers seen elsewhere in the world, but still a jump for such a small island. This has led to caution before Maui moves toward the next level of opening. And slowly vaccines are being rolled out. I am waiting to hear when I can apply for an appointment.

Last updated on April 14, 2021