“I began working with David with a very specific desire to explore my introverted heart. Although I have many extroverted tenancies and am female, I really resonated with Davids message of working with introverts to get to our true natures.

In our sessions, I found David to be not only wise and insightful but a master at getting through my ‘noise’ and really calling me out in times when I needed it. He is also a great teacher and his intelligence shines in every interaction. I also found it easy to trust and be myself.

Our work together has brought new dimensions and self care practices into my life and also a glimmer of my introverted self out into the world. I am grateful for the time spent.”
~ Amber Risucci

“David helped me to step back from the flood of ideas I was having about my direction in life, and to look at them in a wider light. You know David truly listens when you speak, and then skillfully guides you to look deeply at what you’ve shared with him.”
~ Chad Clark

“Coaching was a new experience for me and was not sure what to expect. The discussions were quite introspective. David is an excellent listener, asking questions that allowed me understand myself better. He also kept it very real and shared techniques to deal with stressful situations and to be more aware of mental patterns. David’s style is subtle, the conversations felt very calm and it felt very easy to be direct and open. I would strongly recommend to anyone who needs any coaching to work with David to reach their full potential.”
~ Suresh Kumar

“David shared his generous work with me at a time when I was going through a number of personal and work life changes. He gave me thoughtful, non-judgmental feedback that helped me to determine where I next needed to go. With his kind heart, compassionate manner, and varied life experiences, he was able to help me to grow and get to a path where I could set myself free.”
~ Sabrina J. Marcus, DC (Founder: Wildflowers Chiropractic)

“I have worked with David as coach, collaborator and colleague. Don’t let his gentle presence fool you. His unconventional approach to leadership is insightful, direct and powerful. Because he can draw from so many cultural and scientific perspectives, he is able to deftly tailor his observations for maximum impact. I appreciate his ability to simultaneously reinforce what’s working while troubleshooting in a focused, creative way.”
~ Arthur Coddington

“David’s coaching had a profoundly positive impact on my life. He helped me identify areas in my work that I am confident and excited about. This lead me to reform my career aspirations which has unleashed my creative fire and has lead to new positive developments in my career. David also gave me meditative tools which gave me helpful perspectives that support my life purpose.”
~ Pamela Ashley

“David is a wonderfully skilled coach - he is gentle, compassionate and deeply perceptive. He provides focused guidance while leaving space for you to set your own direction. He helped me tap into my inner wisdom and reach my goals. David is a gift…. treat yourself.”
~ Lena (Vancouver, British Columbia)

“David’s gift is in being gentle and real. He manages to find a place of calm and clarity in the midst of any situation, and that was super helpful for me in our sessions.

Working with David felt like I had a kind, wise and supportive partner and mentor on my side, who I can bounce off any ideas, questions, issues. I know that not only I will be heard, but also I will be able to see more of myself and gain wider perspective of whatever I am working on.”
~ Elena Castro

“My work with David came at a pivotal time in my career. In a gentle and supportive manner, David challenged me to address personal patterns that were impediments to my next steps. He focused me on the values and qualities that were most important to me in my work, and helped to turn the process of change from daunting to exciting.”
~ Russ (Portland, Oregon)

“I had the pleasure of working with David while exploring a new business and creating the plan to build it. My bi-monthly dialogues with David were useful and helped to keep my effort on track. David has exceptional listening skills and the capacity to really understand. My experience is that he quickly gets to the heart of the issue I am working on in the moment. I found his feedback to be both perceptive and accurate.

David possesses the ability to voice the unanswered questions. Incorporating those questions with my own ongoing inquiry really helped me to see the path in front of me more clearly.”
~ Les B

“With gentle sensitivity and incisive articulation, David was able to help me clarify what I really wanted. After that, it was easy to determine specific strategies.”
~ Kathleen Clarke, LCSW

“David brings a deep sense of presence and compassion to his coaching sessions. He maintains a focused exploration of my questions and teaches me how to access possibilities that have been obscured from my view. I find this extremely useful at this time in my life. I highly recommend his helpful guidance.”
~ Mary Ellen MacKay