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Vimeo Meditation Sessions

During the COVID-19 stay-at-home order I ran two Meditation series on YouTube. Each episode of both series offered meditation instruction and a meditation session. The series were streamed live on YouTube and archived on my then YouTube page for viewing in your own time. I have now moved these to be hosted on Vimeo. My Vimeo page can be found here, and contains three groups of videos. This is the order that they will appear as you scroll down the page.

  • Meditations for - Three meditation instruction videos that I made for Andy Mort’s The Haven website, a place for Creative Introverts and Highly Sensitive Gentle Rebels.
  • April 2020 Lockdown Sessions - This was a daily meditations series that ran for 23 sessions.
  • May 2020 Stay-at-Home Meditations - This series runs twice weekly, Monday and Thursday, at 1:00pm Hawaii time.

To access these videos, please visit my Vimeo page.