You are Invited to a Discussion For and About Gentle Men


I have previously held two discussions with men to explore what it means to be a quiet or gentle man who does not fully identify with the dominant macho expectations. At both events there was a wide ranging discussion, with the men present sharing their own experiences growing up and how they dealt with the differences that they noticed in themselves compared with other men around them, and the expectations put on them that did not fit in with their nature.

I am now planning a third live discussion via video conferencing. Like the previous two, there is no cost and it is open to any like minded man who is interested in exploring this subject. There is no need to have been present at either of the previous discussions. I’ll make it easy to participate, and quiet is welcome too.Β 

All said in our discussion will be held in strict confidence.Β 

Date/Time: Monday, August 29th.

  • 11:00am(PST)/2:00pm(EST)
  • 4:00pm(PST)/7:00pm(EST)

Please indicate your preference. I will decide when to run the event based on the majority preferred time. If there is sufficient interest, I will consider running two discussions.

Why I am doing this

There is an inherent vulnerability in being a highly sensitive man, in that our sensory systems are firing more than other men.
~ Dan Mcleod, The Highly Sensitive Man

My reasons for wanting to take this conversation further is three fold:

  1. To help build a sense of community for gentle men.
  2. To understand our own struggles better, and explore solutions to them.
  3. To start to piece together a new narrative about how men are seen and from that create a place where gentle men’s gifts are recognized and can shine.

What will the discussion be like?

…males around the world have, for centuries, been gathering in circles.
~ Earl Hipp,

The call will be made up of like minded men coming together in the spirit of sharing and support. I am limiting the group to 6 participants so that everyone has a chance to contribute.Β We’ll meet via an online videoconferencing tool. I’ll provide easy instructions once you RSVP.
The meeting will last 1.5 hours.

Who I am.

Life for me has been one of exploration, and one part of that is learning to live as a quieter, sensitive male in a modern world. I have taken the experience of this enquiry into my work as a Life Coach working with introverts and highly sensitive people, with a particular interest in working with men in this area and the struggles that they might face in modern society.
In the spirit of continual exploration and learning, I am keen to hear from other men about their experiences as quieter, sensitive or gentler men.Β 

Ready to RSVP?

If you are interested in joining this discussion, please complete the form belowΒ to reserve your spot. The RSVP deadline is Wednesday, August 24th.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • 4:00pm(PST)/7:00pm(EST)

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