Over the last couple of years I have put together some resources for those who wish to start and develop a meditation practice.

  1. Podcast - Behind The Thoughts Podcast. I retired this podcast in 2023, but have arcived the episodes here on this website. This podcast covers how to start to a meditation practice, dealing with obstacles to meditation, and explores different meditation tools. Listen from the beginning or dip in where you want to. A description of each episode accompanies its audio. Each episode includes a short meditation session.
  2. YouTube - This YouTube page contains three groups of videos (though the last one is a single video):
    • A series of 32 videos that I ran during the COVID-19 lockdown in April and May 2020. Each episode starts with a short talk about an aspect of meditation, followed by a meditation session. The videos were designed to help someone build a meditation practice, and deal with some of the obstacles and struggles that can arise within meditation.
    • There are also three meditation instruction videos that I made for Andy Mort’s The Haven website, a place for ”Creative Introverts and Highly Sensitive Gentle Rebels”.
    • Finally short meditation video that was used as an introduction on both days of Micro Camp in August 2021.
  3. May Meditation Nudges - Daily articles on meditation published through May 2020.
  4. BookletΒ - A short booklet to help you build a meditation practice. The book also offers tips for how meditation can help introverts and highly sensitive people, while also offering general meditation guidance for anyone interest in the subject. Free to download.