David Johnson

Restroom signs, Hawaiian style, at Honolulu airport.

I have a new strategy for practicing chess and seeing where I am not keeping an eye on things. Play a 6 year old who is focused solely using his queen to take as many pieces as possible.

Sitting here with that satisfying glow of work done outside and having freshened up under our outdoor shower. The post COVID fatigue lingers, but I sense is receding…slowly. I just have to respect it, do what I can do when I can, and rest in between. But today, jobs needing doing are now …

A Tuesday evening rainbow (a second is just visible) 🌈

I have been tired through today after staying up until the early hours for The Queen’s funeral, but I am pleased that I made the effort to watch as much as I was able before succumbing to weary eyes. It meant a lot to me to see and be a part of the day as it happened, or as much as I could …

I’m waking up this morning to the start of my 59th orbit of the sun, a bit bleary eyed after going to bed in the early hours having watched a part of The Queens funeral. 🥱

We went for a late morning walk in Waihou Spring Forest Reserve in Olinda. Being up country, the air was fresh and cooler. A short but very pleasant walk. And this little character was waiting for us when we got back to the car.

A Sunday rainbow… …and a little later a double rainbow. 🌈

I built a fire last night, the first for a long time. Some friends were visiting my stepdaughter and just as they were about to leave they asked to see our house. My wife mentioned that it was a lovely evening for a fire, which immediately had the grandchildren running around trying to find …

I have had the live stream of The Queen lying in state in Westminster Hall playing in the background as I do other things. Every so often I’ll come back and sit and watch people file past Her Majesty’s coffin. Every twenty minutes the flow of mourners is stopped as the there is a …

This post COVID fatigue is eating me alive. An odd metaphor to use, and while it is not true, at the same time it feels very apt.

Periodically I have to remind myself that not doing something will not get it done.

I’m a bit late to the game here, but I have just discovered that in Mastodon one can enter Alt-text when posting an image. That’s wonderful for accessibility.

Well that is brief but sharp rainstorm cleared the air. I’m feeling much lighter now.

Another step towards feeling better, I did a short Yoga routine on Apple Fitness+ this morning. Fatigue is still floating around and I’ll probably lie down before the day is over, but Yoga had not been on the cards until now. 🦠

Reflecting on a Year without Dad

This last Wednesday was the first anniversary of my Dad passing away. I was blessed to be at home for the last two weeks of his life, helping to look after Dad and just sitting with him. I might not have used the word blessed as I dropped everything and made quick plans to return to Britain …

I realize that am in town, only a 30 minute drive from home, for the first time in over a month. I’ll chalk that up as another win and sign that I am getting better .

I remember seeing photographs of her coronation in magazines when I was young in Tibet His Holiness the Dalai offers his Condolences for Queen Elizabeth II

I’ve been listening to BBC Radio 4 off and on through the day. As I prepare dinner this evening, Radio 4 are just starting their Friday morning programs. First on is the Shipping Forecast. I have not heard that for so many, many years. In an instant I am transported back home.

Clouds covering the moon last night.

I have had BBC Radio 4 streaming this morning, listening to people remember and reflect upon the life of Queen Elizabeth II. As she had got older I would say to my American family that it would be huge news when The Queen passed away. Now that news has come to pass, it feels all the more larger. …

Now that I have a Mastodon account set up on OMG.LOL’s Mastodon Instance I am wondering how to use it? 🤔 Cross post from Micro.blog? Free standing? If the latter, when and what do I post there? What goes in one and what in the other?

One of those feeling a bit better and so I’ll clean the house, wash the bed sheets and freshen things up days.

After seeing @maique’s new avatar, I contacted Momo to ask if he could put together something for me. I love owls, and used to have a family of Tawny Owls living on my property in South Wales. Now to update the few avatars that I have around the web.

Your Thursday evening rainbow 🌈