David Johnson

Crocuses under a beach tree. The Downs, Bristol.

Crocuses under tree on The Downs, Bristol

🥶 There’s a frost outside this morning. Food tops are white, grass is white and crispy. I haven’t seen this in a few years.

Still a little way to go, but Spring is starting to make an appearance.


I forgot to mention the wonderful fish n' chips that we ate a couple of nights after I arrived in Bristol. Nothing like good old British fish n' chips. Delicious.

It is a cold night out there. Cold and damp. I’m grateful to be inside and warm.

I stepped back up onto The Downs at lunchtime today. Cold, grey, overcast. Trees leafless, ground still muddy. And as soon as I got up there, I felt at peace. That is what I noticed as soon as I started walking. Familiarity, deeply so, and at home…as I ended the linked to piece.

Reg Veg - Clifton, Bristol

Reg Veg the name of a vegetable store with produce out in front

😵‍💫 Just woke up, mid morning, after not sleeping most of the night. Jet lag is no fun.

Wrapped Up and Out Walking

The last 36 hours has been fun and games with jet lag. Waking up at odd hours, trying to function clearly while really wanting to put my head down, and then finally doing so midway through the day. I write this after a sleepless night. Yesterday afternoon around lunchtime I could not function any longer and decided to put my head down for, I thought, an hour. Four hours alter I woke up. The good of that was that I felt better, fresher. The downside was that I was then feared sleeping this night just gone would be difficult. It was indeed.

Returning though to when I woke up yesterday evening. Apart from the drive from Heathrow Airport, I had not been out of my mother’s apartment since arriving. I needed to get my feet out on British soil. I needed, needed is the correct word here, to get outside and breathe the cold British air, to hear the birds singing, to experience the smell and atmosphere of nature here – that which I grew up with. With The Downs being on my mother’s door step, despite being in a city, I had the perfect environment to do so. Until I step out onto The Downs, I never feel as though I have arrived home. That area was my stomping ground as a kid.

It was late in the day. The sun was not long off setting. I wrapped up and went out.

I don’t know what the expression is. If it exists, great. If not, I shall make up environmental recollection, or environmental association. Walking up onto The Downs, walking into the darkness of late evening, the cold air wakening my senses, the whole experience awakening my memory, my deep-rooted memory, I was transported back to a deep sense of home.

The end of a day. Cold darkness enveloping everything around it. The final bird song of the day, sharp and clear. The trees bare. Mud on the ground from a wet winter and no growth happening. Wrapped up against the cold.

I walked home via the supermarket to pick up a couple of things. The cars taking people home. Shop lights shining out into the night. Warm houses offering a refuge from the cold.

I arrived home invigorated. My nose running from the cold outside. I was grateful to have touched the Earth of my hometown, to have breathed the cold air of winter, to have felt the nature that so resonates with me.

I was home.

Going by the reception that the movie Everything, Everywhere, All at Once has received, this might not be a popular post. On the flight over to England I watched the movie, and I did not enjoy it. Very good performances from Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan, but the movie itself I struggled to get through. I stuck with really because of its reception - perhaps I was missing something yet to come? 🍿

Back On The Road Again

I started this post yesterday. I am now on solid ground, though will be back in the air in a few hours. Living in Hawaii makes getting back to Europe a long journey. Anyway, on with the post…

I write this at 30,000+ feet over the Pacific Ocean, en route to San Francisco. Maui has been experiencing some heavy rain over the last couple of days, and the last hour has been a bumpy climb away for the islands. The forecast for Maui has been prolonged rain over the coming week. That forecast, and the turbulence that we are experiencing on the initial part of this flight, suggests that there is a large storm front out there.

I am traveling solo. First destination is England to visit my mother. From there I fly down to Portugal, before returning home.

I said in this post that I would explain in a later post why I had just visited Portugal. It appears that that post has never materialized. I shall correct that here.

Last summer, my wife and I purchased a small townhouse in Portugal, just south of Lisbon. At the time, due to other plans made a long time before, we couldn’t spend much time in Portugal after the purchase had gone through. For that reason, I am heading back there now to sort a few things out.

With my blood now warmed by the Hawaiian climate, I have packed well against the northern European winter. Possibly over packed, but I would prefer to be warm than cold.

I will be back up in the air again soon, but I am excited to be with my mother by this time tomorrow.

Travel is a funny beast, thinking here especially of international travel. Waiting around, crossing timezones, completely messes with my sense of time. Where did it go? What time is it? I sit here watching the busyness and speed of a southern Californian freeway, while I sit waiting for the next stage - the day just passing by while I remain still.

What is it with pens? I had it with me, along with my notebook, when I was upstairs, but now I cannot find it anywhere. At least that is the story that I am telling myself.

Waking up to this this morning - rain, rain and more rain. A harder version of yesterday it would seem.

⛈️ Lightning lighting up the sky tonight.

It’s wet outside.

Flooding in the garden due to heavy rain

🥚 Watching eggs boil.

🌧️ Well I guess that is the end of the dry spell that we have been having? It’s pouring outside.

Well MarsEdit made short work of moving the blog posts caught up in this mistake from last night. I’m grateful for that this morning.

I realized this morning that yesterday I sent a handful of blog posts to my podcast website, which is currently on hiatus, instead of here to my main blog. I’ll correct that later by bringing those posts over. Meanwhile the error that caused that should also be fixed (until it slips my attention again).

🥱 Waking up feeling a little drugged this morning. I’m putting it down to the acupuncture that I had yesterday. I’ll ease myself into the day.

Last night Jupiter, Neptune, the Moon, Venus and Saturn were all in a line in the Western sky. I stood outside for a while to see them all before Venus & Saturn disappeared below the horizon, but cloud foiled those plans.

Tonight they are in a slightly different alignment, though still visible. However, right now the cloud appears more abundant than last night.

The ocean is about a mile and a half away, at the bottom of some high cliffs. When all is silent I can hear the waves breaking.

I might live in Hawaii, but it is cold here on Maui right now. I’m sitting outside to read with a beanie on, a fleece with two layers underneath and I can feel the cold air against my nose.

🧘 Sitting in the darkness and silence of early morning.