David Johnson

My wife bought this Advent Calendar for the grandchildren. A draw for each day. She has dropped a couple of treats into each one.

🏳 Getting lost on omg.lol

🥱 Some days I just can't seem to shake tiredness out of my body.

👨‍🌾 Tired after an afternoon in the garden.

🤫 All is quiet and still.

Just follow the instruction

I’ve written about this before in relation to meditation, and it has been prominent in my mind again. As such I felt like reflecting on what the message is that accompanies this instruction at this time. Goals With any given meditation instruction I find it is very easy to imagine where I should be …

My mother kept all the letters and cards that I sent to her from my travels over the years. Now she has passed them onto me. Maybe there is a story in there?

A visitor this morning.

A misty evening.

Today has felt like a winter’s day in Britain. Constant drizzle, low hanging misty cloud, and now thunder. The only difference? Although there is a definite drop in temperature, winter has arrived here in Maui, I have been walking around in shorts and a t-shirt.

📻 Listening to Classic FM while working - UK in Hawaii.

🏖 Beach day.

Strangers on the Road in Portugal

I am ready to share this story now. I have cooled down. Actually I cooled down once we were back at our B&B, but it has just taken me a while to get this story written down. My wife and I were in the small town of Alcácer do Sal in Portugal a couple of months ago (more on the reason behind that …

And while I am speaking of what we watched last night, a week or so ago we also watched Sydney, about the life of Sydney Poitier. I knew next to nothing about him and found the documentary fascinating. Filmed before Poitier died earlier this year, one is treated to his lovely voice narrating his own …

We watched Official Competition last night. An art house film and comedy. Very well acted by the small cast. I just wish that I spoke Spanish so that I didn’t have to rely on the subtitles. 🍿

Well the high surf warning from the last couple of days has now been extended through to Sunday morning. Not much surfing will be happening as these large waves are causing the ocean to be a frothy wash.

I am not a surfer but I am find myself in awe of the big winter swells that come to these islands. This swell was meant to have waves peaking at 20 to 30 feet. The photo and video below do no justice to the power of the ocean and the visual experience, but hopefully they will give you a taste.

I sit quietly while waiting for the final guests to arrive. We are eating soon.

The Hawaiian inmates of Saguaro Correctional Center in Arizona celebrate the Makahiki festival. The Makahiki season began at sunrise on November 16th and runs for four months. This particular celebration lasted through the day. As someone who has worked with the inmates at the Correctional Centre …

📺 Watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

A walk to the mailbox revealed the arrival of November’s collection from Field Notes.

I love waking up on holiday mornings. It is so quiet. None of the traffic with people on their way to work. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today.

All is still and calm outside tonight. There is a high surf warning in effect until Friday night and tomorrow strong winds forecast, along with a drop in temperature. So tonight feels like the calm before the storm.

That’s the kitchen knives sharpened in readiness for tomorrow.

Ready for tomorrow’s gathering.