David Johnson

Today has been acted through a fog. I was up until 2:00am last night because of a call for a meeting in England (11 hours ahead), and then got up this morning at 6:30am. I’ve cat napped a couple of times during the day, but in between has been a struggle.

This evening’s rainbow 🌈

Saturday evening’s picnic table.

I love Sunday mornings. They are just over too quickly.

I’m not sure what is going on in this photo, taken in Tibet in 1995. I believe that it was taken near to Drepung Loseling Monastery and that the monastery just visible in the middle right might be Nechung Monastery, home of the Nechung Oracle. Both monasteries have been reestablished in exile …

I had another sighting of the International Space Station at dusk this evening. The viewing was especially clear, with the ISS flying directly overhead.

Another slide coming out of my evening going through old travel photos. Like yesterday’s image, this image is a photograph of a slide projected onto the wall. The photo was taken at Drepung Loseling monastery in Lhasa, Tibet in 1995. At the time of the Chinese invasion, Drepung was the largest …

I feel as though I have started receiving more spam emails in the last few weeks. Thankfully my email client is catching most of it, but I would still prefer not to be receiving it.

This photograph shows the village of Zhöl at the foot of the south wall of Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. The photograph was taken during a visit to Tibet in 1995, and is actually a photo of the original slide projected onto a wall a couple of evenings ago while I was going through pictures from my …

Quiet and stillness bring me to peace, like the stillness of a forest lake at sunset.

Out for an evening stroll I could clearly see the International Space Station fly over. That was at 7:51pm. It will be back around at 9:24pm. Pretty nippy.

Opportunistic rosemary plant growing on a dead Hāpu’u tree.

Spending this evening going through some old slides from travel back in the late ‘80s and ‘90s. Emphasis on some. I have a lot of slides.

I just completed a yoga routine on Apple Fitness+ set to the music of ABBA. ABBA’s music was always present when I was growing up and I feel a wonderful sense of joy in what the four musicians offered. The routine was just the right uplifting practice for this early Monday afternoon.

English scientist James Lovelock died this week on his 103rd birthday. A bit of a maverick, he was looked on with some scorn by the scientific community when he developed the Gaia hypothesis in the 1960’s and ’70’s, along side Lynn Margulis, which sees the Earth as a self-regulating system. Like all …

The lights over the lanai cast sufficient light for me to read while rendering the world beyond in total darkness. I watch the creatures of the night emerge, attracted by the light. Aircraft fly over bringing visitors to the island and residents home. Crickets whistle, the wind blows, distant …

Sometimes Faith is all that I have. The practice might appear on first read, on first hearing it to not be of any benefit and rather questionably lead anywhere. “How can that work?” At such times I am asking myself to build on the faith that has come on the back of past lessons learnt from sources …

Sunrise through the window this morning.

Tired, but in a good way, having just finished trimming the hedge which I started last weekend. Showered, dinner next and then a quiet evening.

Interesting clouds floating over the house.

Our house looks out onto the Pacific Ocean, in the far distance where water meets the horizon. I have been looking out onto that view ever since we moved here, just being grateful for the beauty of it and the perspective it offers when my mind is foggy. Then one day a friend visited and observed …

I have my voting papers for upcoming elections here in Hawaii. The first time that I will be able to vote in the US since becoming a US citizen.

I have just made use of my step-daughter’s infrared sauna to help rest some weary muscles. Yesterday was an extremely exhausting day, while at the same time also being very satisfying, as I trimmed and leveling off our hedge under a hot sun.

Bronx’s view of the neighbourhood.

Seeking shade.