David Johnson

Got to keep those visiting, thirsty dogs hydrated.

Good morning Bristol.

We spent the day in Bruton, Somerset, exploring the town, having a delicious lunch and visiting the Hauser & Wirth Museum with gardens designed by Piet Oudolf.

Are British kettles more powerful than those in the US, is it the voltage difference, or does my mother just have a super charged kettle? Water definitely boils quicker here.

Visiting family is wonderful but exhausting. I’ll need a vacation when this vacation is over.

Catching up on some photographs from the last few days. We went down to visit Windmill Hill City Farm a few days ago. Set on four acres in the center of the city of Bristol, it has grown so much over the decades that I didn’t recognize it. An inspiring venture and the first of its kind in …

Oh my, a major update to Tot has just been released. It includes line spacing, something that I had requested for my aging eyes. Thank you to the folks at The Iconfactory for that. And for those who wish to carry Tot around with them on their wrist, there is now a Apple Watch app.

I’m wanting to “go it alone” with Apple Maps, but Google Maps I’m still finding is more accurate. Apple had us walking 25 minutes between two destinations, Google 10 minutes. A phone to call to the venue had Google was the more accurate, and for my mother that was very …

It has been a busy few days, while managing jet lag at the same time. I have so enjoyed being mum again, my sister and her husband and walking the streets of Bristol. At the same time, the silence of this early morning is pure gold. Nourishing.

💤 Those steps through Bristol yesterday gave me my first good nights sleep since arriving. Grateful.

🚶‍♂ I apparently have walked 22,069 steps today. I’m taking the evening off.

I just received an email to say that Bear 2 private beta is coming. Mac first, iOS later. It has taken a while to get this far, and still doesn’t appear to be rushing to prime time, but I’m interested. I stopped using Bear, and prefer plain text files for my notes, but might be giving …

I never feel as though I have arrived in Bristol until I have taken a walk across and am standing on The Downs.

🌧 Waking up to a wet, wet, wet Sunday morning.

😮‍💨 “Those feet were made for walking…” and now they are ready to fall off. A day of city walking.

👧 Up late waiting for my sister to arrive.

🌧 The rain is pouring outside, the temperature has dropped and this is the first true autumn weather that I have experienced in a good number of years.

👨‍💻 Updating and fixing bugs on mum's iPad

I love this.

An unexpected wave of Grief

Grief is a beast, I was going to call it that but will return to what it is, an emotion. Grief is an emotion that appears to always have a surprise up its sleeve. Right now I feel as though I have been hit by that wave that catches you at the beach when you are looking in the wrong direction, …

🇬🇧 Arrived and very jet lagged

✈️ Awaiting final leg

Haleakala on Maui with Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawai’i visible while flying out of Honolulu. You might have to zoom in for a better look.

Flying across country last night, sitting at 35,000ft with no nearby points of reference, it was not possible to register how fast the aircraft was moving. In the distance I caught a glimpse of a couple of airplanes flying in the opposite direction, recognizable by their blinking lights. Watching …

🛌 Resting between flights.