With the sky last night being clear and there being no wind, we BBQ’d and sat round a fire.

I thought that I would join in. There is a little bit of luck in this attempt.

Wordle 211 3/6


An unexpected day comes to an end. With my phone not uninstalling apps and ‘wire frame’ icons appearing on the Home Screen and in iMessage, I decided on a complete reset and then restore. I learnt a few things along the way, but do not want this to happen again in a hurry.

Well this morning has been completely unplanned, and not a little frustrating. Despite deleting an app from my phone, it would not go away. That and a few other glitches. I’ve tried all sorts of methods, but am now resorting to a reset to factory settings and restore. 🤞

Being held by the stillness of the morning.

Jamaican Morning

Between the ages of 8 and 10, so from about 1971 to 1973, my family lived in Jamaica. My father was a radiologist and worked for two years at the University Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. As a child, I remember the time fondly. My sister and I went to a wonderful school there and made good friends both at our school and with kids who lived in our neighbourhood. I remember being allowed to stay up late when my parents had parties, standing at the gate of our house (for some reason), listening to music watching everyone chatting inside.

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We took the Christmas tree down this morning as well as a few other remaining decorations. That’s the holidays officially over in this household for another year. 2022, here I come…

The rain and resultant humid weather that we have had over the last few days appears to have resulted in some interesting flowers growing amongst the mulch.

A homemade sushi meal set out and prepared by my wife. A evening email to welcome in the New Year.

Still just over six hours left here before 2022 arrives but to everyone, whether there or not, wishing you all a very Happy New Year.