This morning’s very strong winds must have taken the internet out. The issue that I reported this morning has been escalated from just our problem, to a known outage in the area. But it appears to be localized as I am currently piggy backing off of our neighbour’s WiFi by positioning myself by a window in a particular room of our house.

The winds, which beat down the cane grass in the next door field, were replaced by heavy rain. I only just got cleared up from working outside before the heavens opened. The rain fell, and I fell asleep.

I woke up feeling chilled and so stood under the shower for a good while. The rain still fell. The cloud was low. The day was beginning to feel like a stay at home Saturday. A day to either pick up a pen and write, or to disappear into a book. Maybe a bit of both?

Early evening now. The rain has stopped, there is even a little blue sky. A rainbow appeared briefly. My guess though is that we are not over the rain yet. I expect more to fall before the night is over.

For now, it is time to eat. Sharing food with friends and family. A wet day, a day offline, what ended up being a restful day.