We have been having a lot of cold, wet and windy weather here in Maui. A couple of days ago my grandson came down to visit late afternoon. It started raining outside and his parents were heading out to do some grocery shopping. So I decided to put a movie to watch with him. We watched The Croods, an animated film. Great fun following a stone age family as the continents started moving.

Dinner over, my grandson now home, and the rain still falling, my wife and I went looking for something to watch. Joker was available to rent for $3.99 on iTunes, so as I missed it at the theater we put it on. My wife had already seen it, and so she left after 30 minutes to do some work. I wasn’t enjoying the film initially, but then found myself pulled in by Joaquin Phoenix’s performance. I enjoyed (if that is the right word) the film, a real take down on how we (in this case the US) treat mental illness, but images from it were playing in my mind through the next day.

It was fun afternoon/evening. Initially I felt guilty sitting watching two movies, but I soon got lost in them, and enjoyed myself (and the time with my grandson). πŸŽ₯