Laurie Helgoe is a psychologist and an author whose work I admire. Her book Introvert Power has long been a favourite of mine on the growing genre of books on the subject of Introversion. She recently posted a piece of advice on Twitter which I thought was very helpful for these times. Retweeting it is one way of passing it on. Sharing it here is another.

Looking back

Are you struggling with the self-isolation which appears to have been imposed on most of the world? Is it overwhelming you?

Stop for a moment. Imagine yourself in the future looking back to your time of self-isolation. What do you wish you had done or experienced?

Do that or experience it, NOW.

I feel that this is a good piece of advice for any time in my life, perhaps when I am feeling down, or stuck, or as though my hands are tied in some way.

What opportunity is available to me now? What would I like to experience now?

And it might be as small a thing as stepping outside, or opening the window to breathe some fresh air.


The original tweet is here.

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