Last night felt like a night of the stars, the celestial type. As my wife and I walked home from my step-daughter’s house, the Milky Way arched across the sky above us. Looking outside now at the sun and blue sky, it’s hard to believe what is around and above us all of the time - the lights just need to be dimmed. Last night the moon rose late. Light pollution where I live is very low and the sprinkles of the Milky Way were clear and obvious, as was the surrounding star scape. I feel blessed to be able to get to view this spectacle each night, cloud cover permitting.

This morning I was treated to another astronomical event. I was up early, just before dawn. There was little light in the sky. The sun was still over an hour from rising. In the east was Venus, to the north was Sirius, in the west was Mars (I have since read that today the red planet is making its closest approach to Earth until 2035). While I was staring at Mars, a sizable object moved passed the planet. It was not an airplane, there was no sound or flashing lights. I suspected a satellite of some sort - I have seen the International Space Station fly over on a few occasions. I pulled out my iPhone and opened up the Sky Guide app. What I was looking at was the Hubble Telescope. That was a first for me.

A good end to one day, and a good start to another.