Sitting alone at night, silence, small light on in the corner, stillness, dark outside, alone with a book, my thoughts, writing.

Walking across the crater floor of Haleakala. Bare, cinder cones, dried lava. The birth place of Maui.

Sitting chanting Puja in the Shrine Room of Lam Rim Buddhist Centre.

Pre-dawn, faint light in the sky, bird song slowly starting, a day awakening.

Sitting around a fire, dinner finished, feeding wood to the glowing embers, wood smoke infusing our clothes.

A washed up coconut taking root and sprouting in the shoreline soil.

Massive waves rolling in from the horizon and crashing against the rocks. Crowds stopping to look on in awe at the power of our Mother Earth.

The bare trees of winter, cold wind blowing through to the bones, stripping away any pretension.

A sand mandala.

Dogs barks from across the valley in the darkness of night. A monk chants.