Yesterday I bought a ZAGG Messenger Folio keyboard for my 5th generation iPad. The keys feel and sound a little ”springy”, but right now that is a minor complaint over having to use the on screen keyboard. At the moment I feel happy at the sense of new found freedom that I have for mobile computing.

I have been a late arrival to the iPad world. The only reason that I own one is that they were almost being given away a few years back when I bought a new iPhone. I have used this iPad, but not extensively and probably mainly to watch streaming services. There have been times though when I have had my iPad with me and I have wanted to do some longer form writing. I have managed with the on screen keyboard but was never happy with it.

Recently while back in the UK I set my mother up with an iPad and Magic Keyboard. The decision to adopt this setup was informed by supply issues from Apple’s side, and the time that I had to get the new system installed and my mother familiar with it. During the time that I was helping mum get aquatinted with the new iPad and keyboard I came to appreciate the iOS platform more, seeing potential in it beyond augmenting my desktop life and running my iPhone. I saw the possibility of it becoming my main computing platform. I am not there yet, but was sufficiently won over to more seriously think about a keyboard for my iPad, a stepping stone to maybe iOS full time. Yesterday was the day.

The ZAGG is no Magic Keyboard, but for my current usage it does not need to be. I simply wanted a competent keyboard that will allow me to more easily and more comfortably use the iPad, especially while on the move. While my main machine (read, ’my desktop’) is a MacBook Air, for some reason the iPad feels more like a portable machine. I look forward to experiencing what this new setup opens up for me.