Gratitude is an important practice. While I might like to think of myself as independent and able to manage my life on my own, truth is little, indeed nothing in life can ultimately be done alone. From the time that I get out of bed in the morning, until I go to sleep, I live my life in dependence upon others - both seen and unseen. These can be other humans, those keeping my water running or lights on, to non-humans, the sun in the sky or the worms tilling the soil. Gratitude practice makes us look deeper, and in doing so can transform our experience of the world from a place of lack to a place of abundance.

At the beginning of this week my website had a bad case of the hiccups. For the most part it was live, but at the same time there were either parts of the website not functioning properly, or additions that I tried to make to the site that decided not to play ball with the rest of it.

These online bumps in the road were caused by my limited knowledge of website design (but diving in anyway), coupled with, the platform that hosts my blog, going through a growth spurt.

I have been with for just over three years. In that time there has been much development of the platform, and this New Year seems to have produced an explosion of new themes and plugins, created by both the platform’s founder, Manton Reece, and the wider community. This has produced opportunities for design enhancement, but also circumstances for breaks in the road as the new additions catch up with each other.

Due to my limited knowledge of website design, I could not have navigated the changes that I tried to bring to my own site, alone. My gratitude goes out to those who I spoke about above. Without the help of Manton and the community, I could not have navigated the hiccups on my site and have got the bumps in the road smoothed out.

It has been said elsewhere by others in this community, but I find that has one of the friendliest and supportive online communities on the web and I am grateful to be a part of it.