Not my choice of title, but the title that journalist Sarah Ruppenthal used following her interview with me four years ago. I was reminded of the article recently when an old friend got in touch having come across it online.

I first met Sarah when she came to do an article about the house that my wife, Melissa, and I built here in Maui. As Melissa is an Interior Designer and had done most of the design work on the house, I stepped back a lot for that interview. However, Sarah was curious as to what part I played in the design and my partnership with Melissa. After asking me a few questions for the the design article, she asked if she could come back and speak to me about my life, to be included in an occasional series in Maui News titled Neighbors: Profiles of our community.

Sarah and I had a long and enjoyable conversation, and An Incredible Journey was the resultant article.

I hope that you enjoy it.