June 2022

Hello Friend,

Well I have been quieter in my posts this month. Not that I am the most frequent of posters at the best of times, but I feel that I have been vocal in my quietness through June.

I look back through the month and believe that the main thing that saw this lack of writing output was a lack of space in my life. I work much better when I know that I won’t be disturbed. Even having others in same room as or in vicinity of me, can have an adverse effect on my working output. I put much of this down to my identification as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). When I know that I might be disturbed at any moment by someone calling for me. When I am sharing a room with someone who does not sit so comfortably with silence, something that I work at my best in, my body is on high alert and finds it difficult to focus. When the sense of disturbance gets too much, or the work environment gets too loud (and I am unable to find somewhere else to work), I will either pick at what I am doing or find something else to do that will allow me some quiet and solitude. Along with the search for alone time, the aim of the latter is also to allow my body to settle, but there is always the nagging feeling of not doing what I want to do. Writing is a source of creativity and I would say a life blood for me.

I have family members and friends who can seemingly work in the midst of noise and chaos happening around them, but that is not for me.

So here is a selection of posts that I put up through the month of June.

Thank you for reading,