I had to psyche myself up for a job today. A job which through no process of negotiation that I am aware of, always falls at my feet. It is - changing the bed sheets. Now, no sniggering!

The first part of this is easy - strip the bed, put the sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover in the washing machine and press start. Once finished, into the drier (I tend to put the duvet cover in by itself otherwise it will swamp everything else, making the drying process that much longer).

Next comes the real challenge of the whole process, making the bed. Why? I think that it is because nothing ever seems to fit easily. Once the bed is made, perfect, it looks great, feels wonderful (I would even say delicious), but until then it is between me, the bed and the linen.

I have to complete this project by as early in the day as possible, otherwise the likelihood of being left to sleep on top of an unmade bed increases as the day progresses. Today I had to go out and did not get back until early afternoon, so the clock was already well advanced.

In my mind I break up this final part into stages. I can then mentally tick off each section of the bed and not get so overwhelmed.

  • Pillow cases (why do we have so many pillows?!)
  • Fitted sheet (there is a correct way that it fits, otherwise start again)
  • Sheet
  • Duvet cover
  • Putting it all together

The real challenge of this whole process is the duvet. I see it as a wrestling match. Getting the cover on, duvet well spread out through the cover, lumps out, buttoned up and spread nicely on the bed. I approach the duvet by telling myself that once it is done, it is done. That helps me launch into it, though I might have to convince myself a couple of times.

…And once it is completed, the count down begins for the next clean sheets day.

But today, I was victorious.

And the reward? I get to sleep in a deliciously (that adjective again) clean, crisp bed.

Good night. 😴