Maui is known for having a lot of micro climates. Lush tropical vegetation, barren volcano slopes dropping down to the ocean, cool high elevations, hot humid coastal lowlands.

We live on the north east side of Maui, and yesterday went to a birthday party at a park on the south east shore, 34 miles away, an hour’s drive. The difference in climate was stark.

We left torrential rain at home, our property is green and lush.

At the park, the restrooms were closed due to water shortage issues and showers to rinse off after swimming were shut down. Last week that side of the island was battling a bush fire that destroyed 2,100 acres.

A lot of the south shore and some of the south facing higher elevations of Maui have been dealing with drought conditions since the summer, and yet here we are on the north east shore enjoying rain alongside warm sun.

I’m not sure what all this says about climate change, but a lot is packed into a small package here.