Well last night’s Willie Nelson concert was a fun affair. The evening was essentially divided into three parts. First Willie’s son Mika played a set with his band. I struggled with that music, a grunge band of sorts. Next up was Willie’s son Lukas played with his band. Lukas is more well known than Mika and plays country/rock. An accomplished musician, who like Mika grew up in Maui and regularly plays at venues on the island, he was enthusiastically received.

Finally both sons came back on stage to play along their 89 year old father. Sitting down through a 45 minute set, Willie rattled off a handful of his well known songs as well as handing over to his sons to play solos, duets, or simply take the lead in songs that they all sung. For one song, Lukas was joined on stage by Lily Meola for a duet that they had written together. Lily is a Maui girl who was discovered by Willie when she was singing in a restaurant here. Another anecdote, my wife Melissa taught Lily in kindergarten.

The stage was the outdoor arena at the MACC here on Maui, set on a beautiful mid-winter’s night. There was a real sense of family coming together to celebrate, both the family on stage and the wider island community coming out to enjoy and celebrate Willie’s music and gift. At 89 he can still play that guitar.

At this Christmas time I share a video of Jingle Bells being sung as the closing number.