Sean Heber has just published this post over at the Iconfactory website, following the pulling of Twitterrific from both the iOS and MacOS app stores. This was prompted by Twitter unceremoniously cutting access to the platform for third party apps. The ”End of an Era” indeed.

When I think of the early days of Twitter, I think of Twitterrific. I signed up to the platform within its first year, though I don’t think that I really understood what I had signed up for? But that didn’t really matter. Twitterrific made it a fun and enjoyable experience, and that is what really mattered to me back then.

With time I spent less time on Twitter, making strong use of lists to curate my experience, but bouncing between Twitterrific and Tweetbot (one of other victims of this purge by Mr Musk) became my game.

I left Twitter before Elon Musk bought the platform and have no plans on going back. However, I do treasure those early days with Twitterrific. Thank you The Iconfactory (and TapBots)….and old Twitter.