I started this post yesterday. I am now on solid ground, though will be back in the air in a few hours. Living in Hawaii makes getting back to Europe a long journey. Anyway, on with the post…

I write this at 30,000+ feet over the Pacific Ocean, en route to San Francisco. Maui has been experiencing some heavy rain over the last couple of days, and the last hour has been a bumpy climb away for the islands. The forecast for Maui has been prolonged rain over the coming week. That forecast, and the turbulence that we are experiencing on the initial part of this flight, suggests that there is a large storm front out there.

I am traveling solo. First destination is England to visit my mother. From there I fly down to Portugal, before returning home.

I said in this post that I would explain in a later post why I had just visited Portugal. It appears that that post has never materialized. I shall correct that here.

Last summer, my wife and I purchased a small townhouse in Portugal, just south of Lisbon. At the time, due to other plans made a long time before, we couldn’t spend much time in Portugal after the purchase had gone through. For that reason, I am heading back there now to sort a few things out.

With my blood now warmed by the Hawaiian climate, I have packed well against the northern European winter. Possibly over packed, but I would prefer to be warm than cold.

I will be back up in the air again soon, but I am excited to be with my mother by this time tomorrow.