I am constantly amazed at the number of times that I don’t really delve into what is on offer with MacOS or iOS. The same could go for pieces of software. Yes, I can competently find my way around, but then I discover a feature that I have just ignored exploring, possibly due to habits formed with earlier iterations of the OS….or laziness.

Although I use the Control Center on iOS, I have ignored it on MacOS. Today, with the new OS update, I righted that wrong and because of it feel that I no longer need Bartender to manage my menu bar items. Don’t get me wrong, I still think that Bartender is a worth while purchase if you are suffering from menu bar clutter, but for me now things appear to be under control without it. Some pruning of what didn’t need to be up there, together with moving a couple of other things over to the Control Center, have done the trick.