As the day ends here, I find myself still thinking over what has happened in Maui in the last 24 hours. Disbelief at the level of destruction, especially in Lahaina as it looks as though it has been raised to the ground, but also to those who have lost homes in Upcountry Maui. Sadness accompanying that disbelief with the realization that fellow islanders have lost all of their possessions.

I have picked up various stories from family and friends throughout the day. Fires continue to burn, though weakening winds have allowed helicopters to move in and drop water, assisting the fire fighters below (that was not possible yesterday due to the high winds).

This will be a long game. Buildings and towns need to be rebuilt, jobs and businesses put back together, communities rebuilt. The efforts are starting.

While this story has been forefront in my mind through today, I don’t think that the full reality will hit me until I am back on island this coming weekend.