Up until a couple of weeks ago I had not heard of the organization World Central Kitchen. While volunteering at Lahaina Gateway following the wild fires here on Maui, food was available through the day both for those coming to collect supplies and those helping in their distribution. One of those offering free meals was World Central Kitchen. While I was directing traffic, trucks came in a few times during the day to deliver food to their delivery post, where WCK workers were busy handing out free meals.

This blog post explains some of what they were doing on Maui, along side local organizations such as Chef Hui. Chef Hui itself was collecting food made by different chefs and food organizations on the island, all on a volunteer basis and using donated ingredients. Some friends of mine had a burrito production line set up to pass on for Chef Hui’s distribution.

Food is our fuel, and at the same time is what community comes together around. I love how World Central Kitchen is ready to move to a place that has been hit by a natural or man made disaster, looking to collaborate with local chefs to cook the food of that place, the comfort food of that place.

Thank you to all who have kept Maui fed through these difficult times.