Wednesday was exhausting for me. Being preceded by the busyness of the Christmas and New Year holidays probably didn’t help. I’m an introvert and at times just need time to myself to wind down. Too much external activity and noise and I’m working on reserve tank, my body becoming stressed, my mind tired and at worse struggling to think straight. I find myself almost becoming robotic, just doing what needs to be done, while loosing the perspective, fun or joy.

I spent Wednesday with my grandson.The school holidays meant that he and his brother had spent more time together than they usually do. They love each other and at times brotherly tensions can overspill. They needed some time apart. I was asked if I could entertain him for part of the day.

There was nothing overly exhausting about our day together. Perhaps we visited some places which I prefer not to visit. However, when I am already tired I find that even the smallest effort, the smallest call for my attention or focus, can feel like a struggle.

I was there for my grandson through the day, and feel as though I gave him a good time, but I was happy to jump in the truck after a late lunch and start on the road back home…telling the final “scary story” of the day.

Once he was dropped off, I headed home. I cleaned out the truck, put things away, grabbed a cold glass of water and went to lie down. No one else was at home, I had the evening to myself. I allowed the silence to envelop me, it was what I needed. That was my evening. Quiet, a small bite to eat, sitting in silence and reading.