I took the case off of my iPhone 13 Mini a few days ago to clean the phone. It is a clear case and I could see dirt accumulating around the back of the phone. I cleaned the phone and case, but I have not put the case back on the phone. I feel that the phone looks so much better without it.

I don’t know if I will stay with this configuration? My previous phone was an iPhone 7 Plus. A year so before I upgraded the case for that phone finally disintegrated. Knowing that I was getting a new phone soon I decided not to buy a new case. Again I preferred the look of the phone unclothed. Thankfully I did not damage it and despite its age, I got a good resale deal for the 7.

The Mini is about two years old. I can see a small scratch in the center of the screen under certain lighting conditions, but nothing to get in the way of daily usage. I hope to have this phone for another year or so - “until Apple bring out a new SE version in the wraps of a Mini, or even another Mini”, he says hopefully. At the moment I don’t know if I will put the case back on the phone, or buy a new case (the current one is breaking)? Do I trust my hands from not dropping it?

I just like seeing the the clean lines of phone without a case