My default search engine for a number of years now has been DuckDuckGo. In the past I have also used their browser and their privacy based (redirect) email service. I have been happy with DuckDuckGo’s service, never questioning the quality of their search results. Now though I am exploring Kagi as a possible replacement. Why? That’s a good question, for which I don’t think that I have a good, clear answer. Praise or at least mention of Kagi’s service passing across my timelines has probably played a part in this decision.

I’m not sure that I am comfortable with paying for my searches after years of them being ‘free’. For now I am on Kagi’s free, 100 search trial. I might keep DuckDuckGo in another browser and run comparative searches to compare the services. I have also read of other features within Kagi that I am not clear about at this stage and must try and remember to explore these.

Privacy is important to me within search, the reason that I stay away for the most part from the big search engines. At this stage though, I don’t know if for me the privacy of Kagi is worth a move away from DuckDuckGo?