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Monday March 11, 2024

This week has felt like a real mixed bag - work being done on the house, a visit to the doctor - both of which have follows this coming week….And then for my wife’s birthday we spent a night on the island of Oahu, in Honolulu. The Hawaii equivalent of a visit to the big city. Maybe by some world cities standards Honolulu is a baby, but for me coming from rural Maui the island metropolis is a visual and aural stimulant. We walked a lot. Visited the Honolulu Museum of Art - a beautiful old building, worth a visit whether for a current exhibition or for their permanent showings - to see an exhibition by the British artist David Hockney.

In old China Town we had a sushi dinner in a sake brewery. I love visiting China Town, feeling the historical bones of that part of the city and the part that it played in the harbor which is just a stones throw away. At the same time lamenting the way it feels like it is just about to take off, but always feeling a bit run down. Hidden in those buildings are some wonderful places to eat, art shops that come and go, old bars and markets.

Thank you for reading.