Reading this news of the World Central Kitchen staff who were killed by Israeli air strikes in Gaza hit me in a way that surprised me.

Before the Maui wild fires last summer I had not heard of World Central Kitchen. While volunteering in Lahaina following the fires I discovered this charity organization. They were on the ground in Lahaina serving up meals not only to those who had lost their homes in the fires, but also to the volunteers. And they weren’t just serving up any food, but had taken the time and care to discover what was eaten locally and that’s what was on the menu. I hear that that is how World Central Kitchen operates.

During the days in Lahaina trucks were going back and forth bringing supplies to the staff managing the tented kitchens and serving areas. I can picture them now.

I cannot imagine the bravery required to go into Gaza to help bring a meal to those in need. They were doing their piece to help relieve suffering, through serving up that which nourishes us in body and spirit. And now seven of those brave volunteers are dead. I find it all so sad.