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Monday April 22, 2024

Olá Friends,

This letter is coming to you from Portugal. I arrived here from England two days ago. I had a good time back home but as always found it hard to leave. Hard to leave the UK, hard to leave my mother, hard to leave familiar surroundings and places that hold memories…but life moves on and I had to get down to Portugal ahead of my wife’s arrival this coming week.

I’ve arrived to beautiful weather. As I walked into our house, I found myself feeling happy to be back. In the couple of days that I have been here I have mainly pottered around the house, checking on things, moving back in. Yesterday afternoon, with the sun coming out and blue skies above, I took a circuitous route to the supermarket, stopping off at the beach. It was perfect there, a good temperature, slight breeze and not too busy.

This week’s posts are again mainly made up of photos from the April Photoblogging Challenge. Like last week, unpredictable days and lack of routine interrupted my writing. However, in the quietness of being back here in Portugal, by myself at the moment, last night I stayed up very late writing a piece that appears at the end of the posts. I felt refreshed and a relief to get the creative juices flowing again. I think that that was a causational factor in me staying up so late. I just got into a flow.

Thank you, as always, for reading.