We visited the town of Odeceixe just over a week ago. I was tasked with finding the destination for the day, somewhere where we had not visited and not far or on the coast. So I picked Odeceixe at random.

At first glance there appeared nothing special or unique about the town. When we arrived it seemed very quiet. Situated about 3km from the coast there were few people around. We skirted the edge of town, and after two hours of driving I parked by what looked like some fields on one side which stretched to the coast, although out of view. To the other side was a small town square with statues of people walking and bicycling. At that moment these metallic statues seemed a little incongruous. I could see some similar statues in the distance. The air was quiet and peaceful. I appreciated being there.

Metal statues of a person walking and cycling in a small square on the edge of a town.

Feeling hungry and not really wanting to drive too much further we decided to head to the coast on the hope of finding a bite to eat. A narrow road, also designated as a cycle path, took us there. As we started off, we noticed walkers hiking across the fields. We passed more on the road.

Looking across a large grassy field. Tree covered hills converge to the distance. Blue sky and wispy cloud above.

The road twisted and wound round the low hills that bounded a grassy field. I imagine that this was either a carved river valley, a small river could be seen, or this was an ancient glacial ravine? We finally arrived at a small collection of houses situated at the top of cliffs above the Atlantic ocean. Happily some of those buildings served food. We found a place to park the car and got out to walk round to one of the cafΓ©s. There was bright sun light and a bracing wind. The road and path cut round the top of the cliffs back to the small habitation, giving a clear view to the beach below with the Atlantic waves breaking on it.

Looking down at the Atlantic ocean from cliffs as waves break onto a beach.

We found a place to eat, outside but out of the wind. While we ate hikers continued to show up. These were not just casual walkers. They had proper hiking boots on, backpacks and hiking poles. They were here for a good walk, not a casual amble.

Warm and replenished, we walked back to the car and drove slowly back the way we came to Odeceixe. Again on the way we passed more people hiking. Odeceixe appears to be known as a place for serious walkers to come to…them and I guess cyclists as well going by the metal statues.

I enjoyed our short time in Odeceixe and could have stayed longer. It is one of those places that doesn’t appear to get any mention in books about the area, but for that day it felt like I had stumbled across a hidden gem. Nothing special necessarily. Nothing that cannot be seen elsewhere. But for that day Odeceixe left an impression on me. It reminds me of other slightly out of the way places, at least out of the way to those who don’t know of them, that I have come across while traveling. I don’t know if I will, but I’d like to return.