This story share by Robert Rackley on his blog Canned Dragons reminded me of a story that I heard about a Tibetan Buddhist nun.

A friend of mine, herself a Buddhist nun at the time, was studying at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in Dharamsala in Northern India. I’ll call my friend Ani-la, meaning nun in Tibetan. A friend came to visit Ani-la. Ani-la took her friend on a walk around the Institute and Dharamsala, showing her North Indian home. During their walk, they came across a Tibetan nun who in that moment was very angry. Ani-la’s friend commented that someone so angry should not be wearing monastic robes. Ani-la replied that her friend should have seen the nun five years ago.

The nun’s Buddhist practice might not have turned her into a saint (or maybe it did, who am I to judge that?!), but it was bearing fruit, even if it was not the fruit that the friend was expecting to see.