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Monday 17th June, 2024

Dear Friends,

This one will be brief. My wife and I left Portugal yesterday and are making our way across Spain to Barcelona where we fly back to Hawaii. I hope to pull over during our journey tomorrow to add this to the newsletter - it’s just how the newsletter system works that I use. I have a window to add this initial letter.

I’m sitting here in Madrid with a bunch of mixed emotions, reflecting on the last two and a half months which all started in Bristol, England with my mother’s 90th birthday party. If I don’t get time to write these reflections down before I leave Europe, there should be ample time on arriving back in Maui.

For now, it is getting late on Sunday - these long summer days as the northern hemisphere approaches the summer solstice I don’t find conducive to an early night - and we are getting on the road early tomorrow morning.

More to come…

Thank you, as always, for reading.