Now there is a click bait title if ever there was one. However I am guessing that what I am going to write about below is something that anyone who has traveled can relate to in some shape or form (please excuse the uncomfortable imagery).I have even heard the Dalai Lama in a public talk make reference to his own personal experience with disturbed bowl movements.

I am of course referring to one’s pooping cycle being interrupted and pushed off course by traveling long distances.

While I assume that the disruption to regular bowl movements is caused by a combination of lack of sleep and where the traveling involves crossing time zones, a confused body, I have also wondered if a psychological fear, dislike or uncertainty of the new toilet facilities also plays a part?

So this piece is not going anywhere in particular. I’m just voicing an experience that seems pretty common amongst long distant travelers, and has effected me recently due to international travel.

Too much information, sorry…but can you relate?