Standing at a train station, seeing the tracks disappearing into the distance, has always held a special place in my heart. This is especially so at a station that I do not know, in a country to which I am a foreigner. The tracks remind of the days in my early twenties when I had a pack on my back and a ticket in my hand. The destination would have a name, but the place was unknown. The tracks, my sole possessions in my pack and that sense of going into the unknown represented a sense of freedom for me. An opportunity to let go and see what life was going to present to me. Unencumbered by life’s commitments, I was free to explore life, more easily letting go into what lessons were there to be learnt.

As we drop into the busyness of life, dealing with the likes and dislikes of what is happening around us and to us, the rememberance of that offer to let go usually escapes us…but it is always there. Easier said than done, but an invitation to let go into the current moment remains omnipresent - regardless of our like or dislike of that moment - and with that an exploration of an experience that we might otherwise have avoided or missed.