I felt as though this faint rainbow was kissing the sky this morning.

    A faint, partial rainbow in the distance, over the ocean

    This weekend the north shore of Maui has seen a large swell visiting its shores. The photo below does no justice to the size of the size of the waves that were arriving here. Official figures say that at their largest they were between 18ft and 24ft. Zoom in to the far distance to see some monsters just breaking.

    The roar of the water, the continual arrival of more waves, all made for quite the spectacle of the force and power of the ocean.

    Incredible and beautiful.

    Large waves breaking on the north shore of Maui.

    Somewhere in Copenhagen.

    A bicycle and three chairs next to an orange wall, on a street in Copenhagen

    Baldwin beech, Maui, this morning.

    Baldwin beech, Maui


    Silhouettes in a back lit window at night.

    A spiral staircase in a Lisbon hotel.

    Looking down an artistically designed spiral staircase in a Lisbon hotel

    Finally we have rain, along with two rainbows 🌈

    Two rainbows and grey sky above a garden of bettlenuts and vegetable planters

    This Praying Mantis was there to greet us when we returned home yesterday.

    Praying Mantis on door frame

    Photographs from Estremoz Saturday Market

    Some more images from last week’s visit to Estremoz Saturday market.

    Pots at Estremoz Saturday market

    Clothed mannequin

    Man checking out a fishing real, while boxes of pencils sit in the foreground

    A red tricycle

    A wooden sculpture of a leave

    The fisherman returning home, or maybe he is on his way to the fishing grounds?

    Small fishing boat traveling up the river Sado, through the town of Alcácer do Sal, at sunset

    Walking around the market in Estremoz yesterday.

    Estremoz in Portugal’s Saturday market

    A Pilgrimage to Nazaré

    Today I made a pilgrimage to Nazaré, the home in Portugal of big wave surfing, and where the biggest wave ever to be surfed was surfed.

    Even though I don’t surf, I am surrounded by family and friends who do. I live on Maui where surfers from all over the world come to practice their sport, and just down the road from us is Jaws, the home in Hawaii of big wave surfing. It would not have felt right not to come to Nazaré. I was so close.

    Although there were no big waves today, I could feel the power of the ocean below the lighthouse that marks the location where the waves break. The overcast day, strong winds (so strong that I was wary about getting too close to the small wall that served as a barrier between me and the rocks below, for fear of being blown over), and the vast expanse of open ocean stretching to the north, south, and west to the distant horizon, only added to that sense of foreboding power. Although I don’t follow the sport too closely, I have deep admiration for those who do pit themselves against these giants.

    Me, David, standing in front of the red lighthouse at Nazaré in Portugal where the big wave surfing takes place

    Next stop America. The view yesterday from Europe’s most westerly point, Cabo da Roca in Portugal. Cabo da Roca, Europe’s most easterly point, situated in Portugal

    Another Micro Meetup in Portugal with @maique, along with my wife, Melissa.

    Two men and a woman in Lisbon.

    Waiting for a meet up. Espresso cup and empty plate sitting on a tray on a table outside, a busy street behind

    Alcácer do Sal by night.

    The town of Alcácer do Sal in Portugal at night time, taken from by the river looking up the hill, all lit up

    We went out to Arrábida Natural Park yesterday, and what a beautiful park it is. While walking along Praia do Creiro, one of the handful of beaches in the park, I saw a huge jellyfish and washed up at the shoreline. Its body was as large as a head. I’ve never seen one so large. I didn’t have a camera with me while on the walk, and so no picture, though I did capture some from the upper reaches of the park.

    Arrábida Natural Park in Portugal, looking out to sea from the the tree covered hills

    Arrábida Natural Park in Portugal looking from the upper hills across the sea to the Long Beach running past Comporta

    Captures from a walk through Alcácer do Sal this morning. Drawing on an outside cabinet of a man sleeping under a tree Archway, painted blue trim with white as the main color, on a town footpath Chairs lined up outside on a tiled street Painting of half a stylized sad face on an outside cabinet

    With the temperature in the low 30s, and cloudless skies, this character was overdressed yesterday.

    A mannequin of a fisherman, over dressed for the very hot weather

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