Amazon has its uses 😋

Morning rainbow 🌈

Another day draws to an end.

Sage advise in a public restroom.

Let the party begin. My grandson is having his 6th birthday party today. This water slide appeared outside this morning.

Evening light as rain approaches, a rainbow framing the scene. 🌈

Reflecting at the end of another day.

I’ve dropped the ball with’s current May Photoblogging Challenge, not getting past Day 1. Then when I do sit up and find a photo for one of the prompts, I am a day late! So this one is for yesterday, Day 22 textile, from my wife’s online store for vintage textiles and ceramics, Cloth and …

I watched Licorice Pizza last night and enjoyed it. Maybe dragged a little in the middle? I’ve been listening to the soundtrack today, a rewind to the early 70s. 🍿

Menehune Mayhem

I spent yesterday at the Menehune Mayhem competition at Ho’okipa Beach Park. This is a surf competition for kids established a number of years ago by pro-surfer Ian Walsh. The thin sliver of a beach that Ho’okipa is was packed, with all visitors and competitors being focused on one end of the beach …

I took this photo of what I’m calling a Ghost Rainbow at around 8:15pm this evening, and it had just been raining.

I think that this plant is an Agave Vivipara L.? For the last week we have been watching this stalk grow out of the center of one of these plants, with absolutely no idea what final result will be? We are assuming a flower or flowers of some sort. It has taken approximately five years to get to this …

We took our grandsons and their cousins to see a movie last week. As I stepped into the cinema I realized that it was probably my first time in a movie theatre for over two years. With COVID having been the reason for the absence, I could feel my trepidation as we stepped in.

This is not a droid sitting on a wall, but a movement sensor switch for a light sitting above it. My first entry for the May 2022 Photo Blogging Challenge.

Be nimble…catching up with some photos from our March visit to Porto.

Sunset while walking at the cliffs a few evenings ago.

Today’s distraction.

Today’s wet weather has brought out the Aseroe rubra or Anemone Stinkhorn fungi, that I wrote about last week, in greater numbers (the red dots in the photograph).

I didn’t have much luck with the quality of video uploads earlier to convey that the rain is really coming down now, and so sharing a few photos. 🌧🌧

Nature is an amazing thing. I’m seeing more of these fungi growing out of the mulch in our garden. Some searching online revealed that they are ‌Aseroe rubra, more commonly known as Anemone Stinkhorn or Starfish Fungus. They omit a foul smell that attracts flies through the black, sticky, spore …

I step outside this morning to drink my coffee, a US Citizen. More later...

This was not a large puzzle, both in physical size and in terms of number of pieces - one hundred - and subsequently did not take long to finish. The puzzle was not a big challenge. No, what drew me to it was the striking depiction of a Japanese Macaque. 🧩

Deja vu of Britain on the back streets of Porto.

Another beautiful sunset over Porto this evening.

The Sahara’s presence was still felt here in Porto today at the Cemitério do Prado do Repouo. The Carmelite Church in Vitória, Porto. And a side wall of that same church. This evening a fierce red sunset over the Atlantic ocean courtesy of a dance between the sun, Sahara and the atmosphere! …