Earthy smells of mushroom dashi and Japanese curry roux fill the kitchen.

I wrote this on Monday evening but was then distracted and did not have time to finish my writing. I was cooking dinner for Valentines Day, a Japanese curry ramen. According to the cookery book Vegan Japaneasy this is not a traditional Japanese dish. I have enjoyed cooking recipes from this book, and while I don’t normally reach for cookery books, this one repeatedly calls me back and, even if I say so myself, I have had good amount of success in what I have created.

I enjoy making the bases that make up many of the dishes. In this case the mushroom dashi and the curry roux. Monday evening’s dish meant mixing the two bases and the result was richer than I expected. I was also not successful in getting all of the roux to dissolve into the dashi, (note to self, less roux next time). However, overall I found the resulting curry taste was just right. An exciting mixture of textures and tastes.

Here’s a photo of the finished dish.

Japanese Curry Ramen