My first letter to accompany my first newsletter.

Welcome to my first newsletter hosted on This newsletter contains the long form writings that I made through the month of February 2022. There were ’x’ such posts.

Unsure at the moment how to fold the posts so that this email is not so long, I thought that this index of the posts might make it a little easier to navigate the newsletter.

As I move forward with future editions, I hope to work more on the presentation of the newsletter.

  1. A Sunday adventure to the South East side of Maui - this side of the island always has a profound impact on me in terms of the experience of the rawness of nature. I share that experience during an afternoon out there.
  2. The Kindness of Strangers - a memory of an incident from many years back, triggered by a recent event.
  3. Belfast - I watched the new movie Belfast recently. What I didn’t expect was the memories that it brought up for me of living in the UK at the time that The Troubles were taking place in Northern Ireland.