Another migraine. I have been suffering with them for over forty years, though their frequency and severity have varied greatly in that time. I have never found out what has caused them or a cure to rid myself of them. I can sometimes lessen the pain by drinking copious amounts of black coffee as the initial eye aura starts. However the efficacy of that remedy has not been reliable for me, and it is not a method that I want to rely on anyway.

No, when they arrive unexpectedly (as they always are), I just have to ride with whatever that particular migraine presents to me. Some are a mild thump in the background of my head allowing me a degree of functionality. Others floor me for three days, and I just have to wave a white flag, giving in to the severity of the pain and nausea, lying in a quiet and darkened room allowing the migraine to do its thing.

For migraines from my experience are not just headaches, but a physiological experience played out upon my body. Most prominently they are characterized by a severe, traumatic pounding in my head (unlike more regular headaches), but that is accompanied by nausea, disorientation and sense that my insides are going through the wringer in some way.

I’ll see tomorrow, after some sleep, what this one has in store for me.