My analogue journaling and tracking of todo lists happens in Field Notes notebooks. Over the last couple of years I have grown to love the convenience (for me) of the size of Field Notes and occasionally will buy notebooks of a similar size but made by a different brand.

While my wife and I were in Portugal earlier this year, we visited a beautiful stationary and graphics store in the city of Porto, Peninsular. I did not document much of that trip due to my part of the visit being cut short as I had to return to the US for my Naturalization interview. However, the experience of entering Peninsular remains with me. The store was full of notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, printing presses all lovingly curated. While browsing, my wife noticed a small collection of Field Notes sized notebooks produced by Peninsular, and I bought them.

Yesterday I opened my first Peninsular notebook to start tracking my days. πŸ“

Peninsular notebooks