Since February this year I have been sending out a monthly newsletter, via’s newsletter feature - that is except for March where growing pains with the new system caused a hiccup in output.

With each newsletter, along with the selected blog posts from the past month that I share, I also write an accompanying letter to the subscribers. I have no plan when I sit down to write the letter. Its contents come from my experiences during the month, reflections and perhaps some wider context as well - something brewing in my life or happening in the world. I spend time writing those letters and feel their connection to my blog. They feel like personal letters that I write to my subscribers, one reason why I don’t want to publish them when they go out to my newsletter list, and they are a part of the stream of consciousness that revolves around my blog.

I would like to keep those letters, to have them archived somewhere. So with this in mind I have decided to retrospectively add the existing letters to the blog on the day that they were sent out.

Going forward my plan is to add the new letters to my blog stream, except that I will not add them on the date when the newsletter goes out. Rather I will again add them retrospectively at a later date (so you will have to search back to find them). I am thinking that this will be at the time that I send out the next newsletter. So letters posted will always be a month behind (are you following me?!). That way I feel that I am respecting what I share with my subscribers, and at the same time, with time I can archive the contents of the letter within the blog.