A day of unexpected twists and turns. We set off to explore the hills, beaches and restaurants west of Setúbal. However, the hot weather brought people out in droves, parking was in short supply and roads were closed.

So a change of plans saw us at the market in Setúbal.

Setúbal market

We needed to do some grocery shopping and so used the opportunity.

Man at meat counter in Setúbal market

People at vegetable counter in Setúbal market

This rather foreboding butcher watched over the proceedings.

Big model of a butcher, with a bloodied clever and apron, at Setúbal market

From there we took the ferry across to Tróia and drove back to Alcácer via Comporta.

On the ferry from Setúbal to Tróia

This evening after a walk, we sat and cooled down with a drink as the sun set.

Black & white photo of a table with beer bottle, sunglasses and ordinary glasses on