Today, 25th April, is Freedom Day here in Portugal. Last night Alcácer do Sal held a concert with Marisa Liz, a fireworks display at midnight, and then a DJ after that.

We showed up for Marisa’s concert, but her music wasn’t to our taste and so we walked back home and got into bed (the concert had started about 10:30pm).

Marisa Liz night time outdoor concert in Alcácer do Sal

Just before midnight, I went back out and waited by the river for the fireworks. I didn’t have to wait long, they started early, and were really quite beautiful.

Fireworks over Alcácer do Sal

Initially just coming from one side of the river, as the display progressed, they also were launched from the pedestrian bridge and up by the castle (now hotel) that overlooks the town.

Fireworks display in Alcácer do Sal

Fireworks display in Alcácer do Sal

It was a lovely evening. I enjoyed seeing families out, young people laughing and running round, and restaurants staying open late, with people sitting out laughing and chatting into the night.