Towards the end of last year the iOS/Apple Watch app, Watch to 5K, was offered at a discount and it got me thinking. I wanted some easy accountability to get me exercising.

This app essentially puts a Couch to 5K program onto an Apple Watch, with a companion iPhone app holding all the data from each run. What I found compelling about the app was that all I needed was my Apple Watch when I was out running. My iPhone could stay behind.

So starting yesterday - actually I started last week and then pulled a muscle in my side, and so reset the program - I took my first run. I will be running every other day for nine weeks. Every β€œrun” is made up of walking and running, progressively running more and walking less, until you find yourself running 5K.

While out yesterday I could feel the strain in my legs. I use to run in high school, but have not done so since. So I am trusting myself to this program, to help get me back into shape. My accountability will be to check back in here on my blog occasionally with my progress.