Well I’m having another break/halt on progress with the Watch to 5K program that I am following. The cause this time is a migraine. I have been getting them for many years, forty five to be exact, though of late their frequency has diminished. Still when I do get them they last for three days and doing something strenuous like running is just too uncomfortable. Hoping to be back out there again soon.

    Another Watch to 5K run under my belt, ending my second run through (pun not intended) of the second week. I felt a little stiff to start off, and was careful to pace myself better this time. By the end I had not quite run as far as last time, but felt better in myself.

    I headed out on my Watch to 5K program this morning. With me repeating earlier weeks due to my time off from having a cold, I was running easier, I noticed that. Though if there is something that I learnt today, it is to better pace myself. I think that I went off too fast on the earlier runs and felt it, and ran at a slightly slower pace on the later runs.

    It has been a week and a half since I last completed a run for the Watch to 5K program that I am following. I’ve had a cold that has lingered, has sapped my strength and made me feel like doing anything but run. Although not quite there in terms of healing, I felt that I was well enough today to run and so put on my running shoes and headed out.

    When I last went out I had just finished week 3. However, with the week and a half break behind me I decided to go back to the start of week 2. Maybe the start of week 3 would have been a good place to restart, but I didn’t find that an easy week, and was not comfortable that week 3 would be an easy place to start running again, especially as I am still early on in the program. I want to enjoy this, not make it an endurance test.

    So week 2 it was, and I felt that I handled it well. Despite the gusty wind, the running felt easier and stronger than the first time that I went through that week, and so I am going to chalk that up to progress being made. That has given me encouragement, and I now I am looking forward to getting back into my running routine again.

    Yesterday was meant to be my next run on the Watch to 5K program, but I didn’t go out. I had the feeling of a cold coming on twenty four hours earlier, and yesterday I was not right. Today is also going to be a no show. I’m still not feeling right, and don’t want to do too much and just make myself feel worse. So hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll be back out there.

    Cartoon drawing of a man in a tracksuit running, a headband on his head, and writing below saying that week 3 of Couch to 5K program has been completed

    Well there’s week 3 of the Watch to 5K program completed. The conditions were perfect today - overcast, barely a breeze, and a comfortable temperature. There was some stiffness, but I was feeling better with the longer runs.

    Yes I keep saying it, but today’s Watch to 5K run felt hard. At one stage I thought that I was going to start walking during a running stage. Admittedly the island is still experiencing strong winds, but my legs felt a stiffness in them today. …Onto the next leg…

    My last run on the Watch to 5K program was last Wednesday, January 31st. The program is structured so that you run every other day. The day in between is for rest and to allow the body to build its strength. However, a cold front moved across the State this last weekend bringing some strong weather with it. Because of that I missed my Friday and Sunday runs.

    Today I got back into running schedule, repeating the run that I did on Wednesday - the first of week three. Although the wind was strong, overall I felt comfortable today. Initially there was some stiffness in my legs. However, as I worked my way through that, I paced myself better than last week, most likely because through repetition I knew what was coming as I worked through today’s program.

    Today was a WatchTo5K … actually I suppose that it still is? The thing is that it has been raining pretty much consistently since yesterday evening. Everything from light drizzle to torrential rain. This morning has been more of the latter. The roads are turning into rivers and there is localized flooding. I don’t mind getting wet while running, but setting off into hard rain does not feel like an enjoyable experience. I want to improve my fitness, not try to prove my strength against any sort of weather.

    I have an appointment later. If the weather has eased by then, I’ll take a run. Otherwise there will be no run today, and I’ll resume tomorrow (before the idea starts to creep into my mind to skip the program πŸ˜‰).

    I’ve just completed my first run of the third week of the WatchTo5K program. This was the hardest so far - I wonder how many times I will be saying that before this training is over?! A couple of longer runs in the middle of the walk/run sequence (and the heat didn’t help). I still find it hard to believe that I’ll be running 5K in seven weeks, but I’m sticking with it. πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

    Cartoon drawing of a man in a tracksuit running, a headband on his head, and writing below saying that week 2 of couch to 5K program has been completed

    Well that is week two of the Watch to 5K completed. This week was harder than the second, though I am also seeing progress. I am running a little further than the previous week. At the moment I am finding it hard to imagine that I’ll be running 5K by the end of the program. However, there are still seven weeks to go, and it is a gradual build up each week. Onwards and upwards πŸƒπŸΌ

    πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ I don’t think that my run today will be much fun, though it will be a challenge. Winds are currently gusting 20/25mph, with a forecast for stronger winds.

    This morning’s Watch to 5K run was the hardest so far. The fifth in the program, the second of the second week, I think that my calf muscles were tightening up with this new regime that I am putting them through.

    I’m still pleased that I am on this program, and look forward to see how I progress.

    I’m happy to have completed Run 3 and my first week of the Watch to 5K app and challenge.

    Map of my third run on the Couch to 5K challenge, along with details of my run, distance and times

    πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Heading out for the second run of my personal Watch to 5K challenge.

    Accountability and Running

    Towards the end of last year the iOS/Apple Watch app, Watch to 5K, was offered at a discount and it got me thinking. I wanted some easy accountability to get me exercising.

    This app essentially puts a Couch to 5K program onto an Apple Watch, with a companion iPhone app holding all the data from each run. What I found compelling about the app was that all I needed was my Apple Watch when I was out running. My iPhone could stay behind.

    So starting yesterday - actually I started last week and then pulled a muscle in my side, and so reset the program - I took my first run. I will be running every other day for nine weeks. Every β€œrun” is made up of walking and running, progressively running more and walking less, until you find yourself running 5K.

    While out yesterday I could feel the strain in my legs. I use to run in high school, but have not done so since. So I am trusting myself to this program, to help get me back into shape. My accountability will be to check back in here on my blog occasionally with my progress.