I have a number of photographs from our trip to Portugal last year which never saw the light of day because of me catching pneumonia and becoming so unwell. So I am revisiting a Sunday day trip to the town of Beja. During our walk around town we came across some interesting graffiti. Here is a selection of it.

Graffiti art on a door depicting an evolutionary transition from an ape holding a spear to a modern human wearing a beanie and Crocs, while holding a fast-food sandwich and with his hand over his genitals

A vibrant painting on an outside wall of three giraffes against a pink background with silhouettes of tree

Street art mural depicting a topless woman with red hair and eyeglasses lounging on a lifebuoy in water, accompanied by a white cat, with stylized faces of two people in the clouds above. The artwork is framed by a real door

A colorful mural painted on a door depicting a tower of stylized skulls with a background of leaves and two large sets of eyes above. A pink uterus-like shape with a red heart hangs in the center between the eyes, and cut apples on either side