I was taken to an event last night launching an event that I had no idea was in the works. Epic Swim Maui, a planned swim this summer - sometime between the end of the July and mid August - around the island of Maui. The swimmers, some of the world’s best open ocean swimmers, will swim in relay around Maui. In doing so they will have to navigate some of the most powerful ocean that there is. They will have to deal with strong currents, huge larva cliffs, and beneath the ocean’s surface, sharks.

The swim is being undertaken along with scientific research as to the state of the oceans, how the reefs are holding up with global warming, and the effects on the water following the Lahaina wild fire which took place right on the ocean’s front door.

Huge respect for those who will be swimming this summer. This circumnavigation of Maui, undertaken solely by the human body, has never been attempted before.